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Generation Moments - Real People of all generations being brought together

Denim-Lovers of all generations will unite at one big table, to talk about their adventures and emotions which life has to offer. The Real People love the feeling of being around similar people, to bond and appreciate high-quality garments with the love for detail, which endures and does not disguise. TIMEZONE shows once more with its “Real People of every generation” collection, that fashion does not have anything to do with age and that everybody should wear what they feel like.

Take a seat at our table, a table of generations - and get to know our Real People, their favorite pieces, their special moments and most loved places.

Real People in every TIMEZONE

- People like you and me! Authentic, pure and extraordinary characters, which inspire the Spring / Summer Collection of TIMEZONE with their great passion for travelling. Fashion that enrobes you and not dresses you up. Fashion which encourages you to be yourself and lays the focus on individuality.

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