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TIMEZONE wants to “dress, not disguise.” – in the best sense and all around the globe With our products, we aspire to authentically support the individual character of every single human being and offer good companionship in all situations – no matter where the journey is heading – be it the office, the weekend trip to the seaside with friends or the big tour around the world.

A big part of our philosophy is to offer well though through, durable and of course beautiful and contemporary products, with whom the wearer feels well dressed, no matter what (comes next. )

From fashionable, extremely washed and furnished with details, over simplistic Jeans; Cotton pants and Chinos, a big assortment of tops such as jackets, shirts and jumpers, to accessories such as belts, scarfs, bags, beanies and many more. TIMEZONE offers everything you need to walk through life in a modern, yet timeless and simple manner.

TIMEZONE wants to positively influence the people and their live.

Wolfgang new
At a very early stage of his life, Wolfgang Endler, owner and founder of TIMEZONE, already had the desire to breathe life into his inspirations and ideas in the form of various projects. One of those ideas, the „red T“, which also resembles the tree of life and whose intensive red colour expresses self-confidence and power, became the brand TIMEZONE in 1993.

Since that time, the tree has grown many new branches, which bear a lot of tasteful fruits and keep on delivering good seeds. An example is „Dahoam Im Inntall“ (at home in the inn-valley), which is a multigenerational housing project on a huge former military area (barrack area) in Brannenburg. This location has been the home of the TIMEZONE headquarters since the end of 2015.

Wolfgang Endler
Owner and Founder of TIMEZONE

TIMEZONE GLASSES Sping / Summer 17

We are happy to present our new TIMEZONE eyeglasses collection made by our Partner BoDe Design. BoDe stands for self-confidence, modern and expressive products, which are linked to the spirit of time. Clean and interesting styles mark the eyeglasses collection without adulterating them.



The new TIMEZONE Head Office / Headquarters